Local Service Center

Stop by our local service center for bar none technical support.  Customer Service is our focus for 17 years and going strong.

Remote Assistance

Using our Advanced Secure Remote Connection tool, many problems can be resolved right from the comfort of your desk.

Onsites Service

At your door Experienced Computer Technicians to repair any problem.  We travel the entire Central Valley.  Most clients in the Greater Madera / Fresno area.

Virus/Malware Removal

Sluggish computer?  Pop ups?  Internet Slow?   You probably need a good malware cleaning.   We have a tried and true clean up recipe, you should try!

Data Backup & Recovery

Hardware fails.  Accidents happen.  Ransomeware is proliferate.   We have successful performed basic to forensic level data recovery services.

Mobile Device Repair

iPhones, Android, smartphones, tablets…we’re able to repair any issue with your mobile device.  We have the tools for proper broken screen replacements and more…